Peter Hunt Architects

Extensions Alterations and New Build Housing


The practice aims to push the boundaries of indoor-outdoor high-quality contemporary living.


Our ethos is one of fully understanding our client's needs and sensitively translating these into designs of the highest standards. Through dialogue and attention to detail, we create contemporary, elegant and practical solutions of exceptional quality.


Services offered include architecture, planning applications, interior design, and  party wall issues, We can work with contractors and suppliers to ensure integration of design and programming.


Much of our work is concerned with Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas and we are well versed in the opportunities this gives for contemporary living styles within the historic environment cherished by so many.


We have also worked successfully on larger housing projects, having won several competitions and were featured on Grand Designs for our work with a self build housing group on a difficult site in Birmingham.


We are currently exploring the advantages of sustainability and how Passivhaus may be applied to future design.

sports & leisure


The practice has traditionally been involved in many leisure projects from hotels to sports facilities.


A good working knowledge of the catering industry working together with specialist consultants and contractors is important.


Working to improve sports facilities has been an important role for the practice. We are actively involved in a diverse range of activities with a variety of sports clubs. This allows a greater understanding of the likely requirements for any particular situation.


A personal interest and active involvement with many sports has been advantage in understanding the requirements.



A main focus of the practice relates to involvement in the historic fabric of the built environment.


This can be in the form of works to existing historic buildings, or works within close proximity of Listed Buildings which requires sensitivity and knowledge of complex planning laws and directives from interested parties such as English Heritage.


There is also an increase throughout the country of Conservation Areas which seek to preserve the character of an area deemed to be of particular historic interest. It is generally in the interest of those within these areas to embrace the directions which may be imposed. We are able to assist and advise when clients may seek to make alterations or improvements.



Peter Hunt Architects are able to give general planning and development advice whether from relatively modest extension to site layouts for domestic or commercial developments to appraisals of whole areas in relation to such issues as Conservation Area recommendations.


In the past we have won competitions with housing association clients for housing proposals on particularly difficult sites, whether from location, restrictive environment or steeply sloping sites. Optimisation of the site and it's restrictions is of prime concern as is the final impact of the development for its residents. Our clients have included commercial owners with multiple land assets and we have been used to work on of those sites to obtain planning approvals to realise the maximum potential of the land.


For larger projects we often work together with Planning Consultants to ensure the best chance of success for a proposal. It is much better to liaise with interested parties such as the local authority as early as possible to anticipate any problems rather than to press on in isolation and suffer setbacks later in the planning application process.


We have been involved in access consultancy work for larger clients, this has generally been in relation to works required to ensure compliance with DDA legislation. We are also able to produce access audits for new and existing buildings.